Sensory Benefits of a Bubble Tube

What is a Bubble Tube?

What is a Bubble Tube?

Bubble tubes are a key component of sensory equipment that plays an important part in sensory development. They can be found in a variety of sensory rooms or environments, since they provide a range of sensory benefits. Bubble tubes produce constantly changing colour bubbles that are both soothing and eye-catching.

A bubble tube can help people with a range of sensory issues since it is a terrific tool to enhance visual development and communication skills.

How Do Bubble Tubes Work?

Water is pumped into a tube, with a color-changing light at the bottom. Bubbles shimmer and flicker as air is forced into the tube. This has a calming impact while simultaneously attracting the user’s attention. This effect aids in visual stimulation while also encouraging touch through subtle vibrations.

Sensory Bubble Tube Benefits

Our range of mesmerising quality bubble tube water features are made from high quality acrylic. With its unique continuous bubble effect within the acrylic chamber, produced by a quality air pump in each unit located in the base and accentuated by the clever use of multicolour LED lighting (comes with remote control), make these water features fun and eye catching – perfect as a decorative display.

Our bubble tube features have also been popular installed in Sensory Rooms. There has been some industry sources stating that sensory stimulation from a combination of bubbles swimming up within the acrylic chamber, the changing LED lighting, as well as the gentle humming from the air pump has a calming affect on persons with autism, special needs and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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